I am a Ph.D. Candidate in Economics at the University of Montreal and I expect to graduate in June 2020. My research interests are in the intersection of Econometrics, Functional Data Analysis, Big Data Techniques, and Financial Markets. I am also interested in Machine Learning, Fintech, and Data Science. Prior to this, I graduated in 2012 with an Msc. in Statistics and Economics, and I was a Data Scientist intern at MTN Cameroon (Top telecom company in Africa). I also worked as a senior economist at the Ministry of Economy in Cameroon.

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Functional Principal Component and Functional Partial Least Squared: Theory and Application to Stock Price prediction. 

2014 - 2020

University of Montreal

Ph.D in Econometrics and Financial Economics, Big Data (Expected), Montreal Canada

Intraday Stock Market Forecasting via  Functional Time Series.

Interpretable Risk Neutral Density estimation with Functional Econometrics.

Predicting the refill delay of Prepaid Customers in Telecommunication industry.

2019, Certification in Machine Learning, Stanford University.

2019 (Expected), Certification in Algorithmic Trading, QuantInsti.

2009 - 2012

Sub-regional institute of Statistics and Applied Eonomics

 M.sc. in Advanced Statistics applied to Finance and Insurance, Cameroon.

Department of Economics,

 University of Montreal


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